• Who We Are

    Valdata Services, Inc., has provided trust accounting services to the escrow and title business since 1991. We work with all major escrow/title servicing banks and software companies, and utilize the latest technology when supporting our clientele. Bank reconciliation is our specialty. See our latest equipment?
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  • What We Do

    Daily trust fund accounting
    Monthly bank reconciliation
    Audit prep and participation
    Reconciliation assistance
    Clean up of exception items
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    If you think dogs cannot count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them!
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hand-mouseJust a note that our batch accounting department is open to new business.

Did you know that current technology makes it possible for your daily reports to be printed in your office, emailed in PDF format or downloaded on-line? You can even utilize a FTP – or File Transfer Protocol –  to send us your scanned items. Of course there are still messengers and fax machines, too.

For those escrow companies who prefer not to perform their own daily trust fund accounting, we do still provide this service and would be happy to prepare a quote based on volume, delivery method, etc. We have great references–talk to your banker about us!

Also, for those just needing a third party reconciliation of your trust account, we specialize!
Sometimes you just need help with identifying exception items. We are happy to help as needed, too.

With today’s technology, we are only a click away.

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Balancing your bank statement should be easy, right? You do your own every month at home. But is your home account in the hundreds of thousands, or even million, of dollars? Not likely. Consider, also, that your trust account is made up of OPM – other peoples’ money. The state has strict guidelines when it comes to accounting for those trust funds.

Reconciling can and should be a smooth process, if you are posting accurately on a daily basis. Following is a list of the most common errors discovered while reconciling:

1. Check canceled that has already been paid.
2. Check paid that has already been canceled.
3. Check canceled more than once.
4. Check voided when issued, later canceled.
5. Deposit check returned (bounced) but not posted to books.
6. Outgoing wire and check to cover wire do not match.
7. Daily receipts do not match daily deposits.
8. Outgoing wire, no follow up check.
9. Incoming wire not posted.

Sometimes, the corrections must come from the bank. Examples of bank issues are:

1. Check paid for wrong amount (usually an encoding error).
2. Wire reversal posted for wrong amount.
3. Check listed with wrong check number.
4. Funds deposited to wrong account (usually your error, but must be corrected at the bank).

Once all exception items have been identified, your account should balance. If it is still off, you may need professional assistance to uncover the problem.

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